President of National Tennis Federation hopes to play against Austria in Rancagua

José Hinzpeter has assured that he will speak to the players and try to convince them to accept.

13 de Mayo de 2009 | 14:13 | ORBE

RANCAGUA.- Now that the World Group Davis Cup drawing has indicated that Chile will face Austria during a home clash between September 18 and 20 of this year, speculation has begun over where the event will take place.

According to statements made by the president of the Tennis Federation, José Hinzpeter, the Medialuna Monumental athletic complex in Rancagua could give the home team an advantage.

It was the athletic directors themselves who, while visiting the municipal building in the capital of the O'Higgins region, said that the city is absolutely equipped to once again host an event of such magnitude.

Coordination has already begun and everything will remain subject to the guidelines provided by the players.

"Unfortunately, the final decision does not solely and exclusively depend on the federation, since we must fulfil the requirements of the athletes. If the decision were up to me, I would choose Rancagua in a heartbeat", National Tennis Federation President José Hinzpeter stated.

Hinzpeter indicated that he did not wish to downplay the importance of the tennis players' opinions, which is why he will be meeting with them in order to gauge their outlook on the matter.

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