Patricio Frez reveals details of violent robbery last night

"The fact that my daughter saw her father on the floor, it makes you fell helpless", the commentator stated on "Buenos días a todos".

26 de Mayo de 2009 | 13:07 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- The word most repeated by Patricio Frez only hours after being robbed at the door to his home is "helplessness".

"Last night, when we were left alone, the helplessness takes over. Seeing my little girl (referring to his seven year old daughter) cry, the fact that she saw her father on the floor, it makes you feel helpless", Frez recalled on the morning television show "Buenos días a todos". Frez has participated in the TVN program for 17 years as an off-screen voice.

The commentator recalled the robbery, which took place at approximately 9:30 PM last night outside his home in Las Condes. "I got out more carefully than usual (...) I don't remember if I left it (his car) running or with the key in the ignition, which I never do", he said.

A thief took advantage of Frez' momentary carelessness and, as he opened the gate to his home, struck him hard enough to knock him down. The commentator rose to his feet and tried to fight back, but the ground was wet and slippery from the rain and he fell down once again.

Nevertheless, Frez did manage to see the suspect and has said that his description allowed police to generate a sketch that bears a striking resemblance to the face of the thief.

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