Minister of Justice assures that prison tunnel at Colina II was dismantled in time

Carlos Maldonano has clarified that the government was promptly informed of the operation to detect, monitor and destroy the escape tunnel built by inmates.

12 de Marzo de 2008 | 14:20 | El Mercurio Online

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SANTIAGO. - The Minister of Justice, Carlos Maldonado, congratulated the efficient work carried out by officers this morning after prison guards and police investigators discovered an 80-meter long tunnel at the Colina II penitentiary.

 “It demonstrates the degree of professionalism and coordination, in this case, of the prison guards and Chilean Department of Investigations”.  Maldonado also emphasized the fact that “the escape attempt was promptly detected, monitored and dismantled at precisely the right moment to achieve today’s outcome”.

Once the press began reporting the story, Maldonado stated that “the government was informed by the institution’s highest authorities” and maintained that the operation “is good news, which contributes to the effort on the part of the government to fight crime on all fronts”. 

According to police sources, the tunnel is located in the rear part of the prison facility and is 80 meters long.

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