Rubilar admits to using DINA records to support statement regarding falsely disappeared prisoners

One of the cases being investigated by the Member of Parliament is referred to in a book titled "The Historical Truth. Volume 2".

09 de Enero de 2009 | 15:38 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Deputy and President of the Human Rights Commission of the Chamber, Carla Rubilar, acknowledged today that some of the missing prisoners she reported came from the book "The Historical Truth. Volume 2", written by the former head of the Chilean Secret Police (DINA), Manuel Contreras, and added that Attorney Javier Gómez, who has been linked to the retired general, gave her the information.

According to Radio Cooperativa, Rubilar indicated, "I do in fact know Javier Gómez, a lawyer, who is a friend of a good friend of mine belonging to the party. He told me that there were records of people who had seen missing prisoners and I told him that any information he had could be reviewed".

Rubilar then stated that she never knew that Gómez was one of the attorneys representing the former military regime official and said that she was also not aware that the information given to her was part of a book written by Contreras.

The book "The Historical Truth. Volume 2" includes a thesis written by Contreras alleging that 13 people who had been reported missing in December of 1976 were not actually dissappeared.

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