Minister of Education announces measures for students affected by the economic crisis

Mónica Jiménez has announced that parents will be given access to credits and scholarships so that their children’s studies will not be disrupted.

29 de Enero de 2009 | 12:50 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- The Minister of Education, Mónica Jiménez, issued a call for families to remain calm this morning while announcing a series of measures that will be taken in an effort to allow students to continue their studies despite the economic toll of the current global crisis on family budgets.

After meeting with President Michelle Bachelet, the minister declared that students whose parents have been fired will be given access to credits and scholarships.

“If that happens, they must go to the welfare departments of their institutions.  The social assistants at these departments will evaluate their situation, present the information to us and we will provide them with credits or scholarships they did not take advantage of before because they did not need them”, she explained.

While speaking on the matter, the minister reminded people that many parents have opted to finance their children’s higher education so that they will not have to go into debt, however, in light of possible changes in the economic scenario this year, the State has decided to guarantee that these families receive benefits to prevent their children’s university studies from being interrupted.



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