Security measures increased at Lake Caburgua upon Bachelet's arrival

Marine Infantry and GOPE agents are stealthily keeping an eye on any boats that approach the President's summer cabin.

02 de Febrero de 2009 | 13:07 | Sergio Bustos, El Mercurio

CABURGUA.- A massive security operation has been mounted by police, the PDI and the Navy following the arrival last Friday of President Michelle Bachelet.

Although her summer cabin, which is located on the northeastern shore of the lake, can only be accessed by a 30-minute boat ride, security measures continue in the public beach areas and distant piers of the residence.

Furthermore, the Navy has received instructions to ban boats from approaching the El Llolle area, where the President built her cabin 13 years ago, while disembarking in the area has been strictly prohibited.

Additionally, three GOPE officers aboard a zodiac boat are in charge of supervising the perimeters closest to the cabin, which is located some 50 meters from the shore.

The officials watch every move in the area through binoculars at two guard points, one of which is located a kilometer away. The lush bushes and native forest trees surrounding the home allow for members of the security team to remain hidden.

Meanwhile, the Navy is performing patrols with a yacht and a zodiac boat, while Marine Infantries have been called in to back up the measures.

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