Altercation in La Legua neighborhood leaves one person in critical condition

Police have reported that the confrontation may have been caused by "rival gang quarrels".

04 de Marzo de 2009 | 14:46 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Five people were injured last night after gunfire broke out in the San Gregorio de La Granja and La Legua de San Joaquín neighborhoods.

The most recent altercation left four people injured. The most seriously wounded victim has been identified as 17 year-old Francisco Málaga León, who was shot in the torso and is currently listed in critical condition at the Barros Luco Hospital.

According to Radio Cooperativa, Police Capitan Mauricio Arenas has indicated that the shooting may have been prompted by "rival gang quarrels".

The other three people injured: 51 year-old Orlando Orellana, 21 year-old Pablo Álvarez and 19 year-old Patricio Arancibia, have all been listed in non-life threatening condition.

Meanwhile, 36 year-old taxi driver Alex Fuentealba was shot in the neck after an argument with another cab driver in the San Gregorio neighborhood. Despite the injury, the man was able to take himself to the emergency medical center in La Granja where, according to Police Captain Eduardo Aravena, he was transferred to the Sótero del Río Hospital. The other participant in the shooting reportedly fled the scene.

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