Ipsos poll indicates Piñera has 18.7% advantage over Frei

According to the poll, the candidate for the Alianza has 44% of the preference versus the Concertación's 25.3%.

15 de Abril de 2009 | 14:49 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- The latest Ipsos poll, taken between the March 17 and April 3 (before the Concertación primaries) displayed an almost 19 point difference between Sebastián Piñera (44%) and Eduardo Frei (25.3%) for the first round of presidential polls.

The two main candidates were followed by José Antonio Gómez (6.0%), Marco Enríquez (5.3%), Tomás Hirsch and Adolfo Zaldívar (3.1%), Guillermo Teillier (1.5%), Alejandro Navarro (0.6%) and Jorge Arrate (0.4%).

The poll also indicated that the Alianza candidate is in first place amongst those who believe that he will be the next President of Chile, with 54.2%. Meanwhile, the percentage of mentions given to the Concertación candidate has reached 37.9%, which is 32.8 percentage points higher than the figure in December of last year, when Ricardo Lagos had still not dropped out of the race.

With regards to attributes, the poll revealed that Piñera is favored by a majority over the left-wing candidate.

The only aspect that Frei obtained a higher percentage of responses in was "experience", where he reached 62.8%, while Piñera garnered 25%.

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