Court to decide which will is valid for Temuco millionaire

The document revoking a donation of more than 4.5 billion pesos to the Hogar de Cristo charity has been ruled invalid.

22 de Mayo de 2009 | 13:50 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- After a second will revoking the decision of deceased agricultural mogul Oliva Albertina Cortessi to leave more than 4.5 billion pesos to the Hogar de Cristo charity, the courts will have to be the ones to determine which document is valid.

The decision will be determined by the First Civil Court of Temuco, which will have to establish whether the first document, dating back to 1997, or the second text presented by relatives of the businesswoman will be considered official version.

According to the latter, signed in 2005, the woman planned to leave her possessions, which include six rural properties, three homes and a school, to her relatives.

Nevertheless, the attorney representing the deceased, Sonia Vargas, has contested the validity of the second will.

Meanwhile, Carlos Reyes, the attorney that wrote the document, has said that it was intended to "nullify the previous will, as only is permitted by law, and the revocation indicates that her wish is that the possessions go to her family members". The family members would be the woman's two surviving siblings –Anita, 68 and Lino, 70- and the heirs of her deceased siblings: Aldo, 75, René, 65 and Paulina, 22.

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